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Really the only game in town but they don't rest on that. Pack every available inch of the place with stock so you can find just about anything you might need.  And the staff are very helpful and nice.

Tried their egg sandwich a few mornings.  Good with bacon or sausage.  With ham probably the best egg sandwich I've ever had.

Tom C.

Allentown, NJ

Driving through the Adirondacks one recent late afternoon found us a bit peckish and in need of some food and a bit of a rest from driving.  We were hoping to find a place to pick up some sandwiches and to enjoy them outside since it was a beautiful day.
We asked a local person at shop were had stopped in, where she thought the best sandwich place might be.  She told us that everyone in town went to the Little Super Market for deli sandwiches which were thought to be among the best to be had.  Mind you this is a small town so we didn't quite get our hopes up.

The Little Super Market is an unassuming place to be sure.  And it is small but not as small as you might be thinking given the name.  And going in is a bit like a step back in time to a store from another generation.  It was actually quite pleasant inside in an old fashioned sort of way.

That said, there is a sizable deli counter.  On the counter you find pieces of paper listed with the  sandwich items that are available and check off with the pencils provided, what deli items you want them to build your sandwich with, including bread and condiments.  You then hand your now filled out slip to one of the gals behind the counter and before you know it, they've made you quite a lovely sandwich at a very reasonable price.

This store also sells a variety of other grocery and produce items and is a bit of a gem in a fairly rural setting.

With our sandwiches, and drinks in tow we sat outside the store on one of the picnic tables under the glorious, bright and warm fall sun.  
These were delicious, fresh sandwiches!  We weren't let astray!  Fully sated we were ready for the next adventure.

Alexandra S.

Hingham, MA

Not a whole lot of options in town, but this little market attached to a gas station did have some essentials. We picked up eggs, some coffee and they even had sirloin steaks and beef that was reasonably priced. Skipped that, since we had enough - but otherwise it's a nice little pit stop in a town that doesn't have many grocery options. You will definitely be able to get some essentials and even pick up some pre made food/subs if you so desire or beer.

Alex L.

Buffalo, NY

 Reasonably priced and a nice hefty, tasty sub made to your liking.  The staff there were very friendly and welcoming. We will remember this cute store when we come back to the area.

Tammy L.

Oswego, NY

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