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Little Super Market

Your One Stop Shop

About Our History!

Little Supermarket is a Wilmington, NY staple for residents and visitors alike and that is because of the decades of family history behind it! Take a look at where we have come from:

The Little Supermarket was opened in the 1950’s by Jimmy Roberts; he owned the store for 40 years during that time it was still what it was today: a community staple.  Those that remember it though will recall Jimmy offered custom butchering of nice steaks, chops and more. After Jimmy the store changed hands a few times.

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In 1997 Roy Holzer took over the Little Supermarket. Roy and his wife Becky grew the store and improved it for the next 22 years to come.

On May 2, 2019 Becky and Roy's nephew: Cliff and his wife Sarah bought the family business and are the current owners and operators. Since purchasing the business Cliff and Sarah have managed to not only preserve the community feel that The Little Supermarket has always had but they have grown it exponentially! You will see them on the floor working alongside their employees and saying hello to all of the regular faces they are so happy to see every day. 

Cliff and Sarah have added new items, amenities and services such as craft beer, curbside pick up and delivery during the COVID crisis and an air and vacuum machine!


We can't wait to see what the future holds for the Little Supermarket! 

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There's no doubt in our mind that this family business will continue to grow and live in the family hands for many more decades to come.  We look forward to expanding and growing with the community, stay tuned for what’s coming next! 

We can't wait to meet you and yours when you shop with us in your One Stop Shop in Wilmington, NY!

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